Saturday, September 26, 2015

* The domain names and are for sale *

The good people of the western world are invited to help save Europe from the isLAMEization forced upon us by the degenerated


Let’s collect some money to buy the appropriate attire for Angela

and for François Gérard Georges Nicolas

so the lovebirds

 can get married and go ONE WAY TICKET on their honeymoon in

or other similar paradisiacal place of their dreams.

We’ll also use your donations to ship them 2 camels so they can get accustomed to the new traffic rules

and a few goats to keep François happy.

The media will know in advance when the attire, camels and goats will be delivered. Yes, we can do it, see how HERE 

It's high time to fight the enemies of the white race, so help us .. Putin

American libeRATS are more insane than their EU counterparts, allah be blessed for the Atlantic! So on 10/9/2016 I added this: BILLARY FOR PRISON!

* The domain names and are for sale *